ARTPILO®, Fine art on fabrics.

ARTPILO was founded in 2015 by Jean-Vincent Vallette and a photographer Maxime Gautier, two childhood friends, both coming from the city of Bordeaux in France. The project is simple: to provide a new space for artistic expression, find a unique medium that can be integrated perfectly in all elements of the house. What's better than cushions?


Favouring the made in FRANCE, mingling artistic know-how, high-end fabrics and the latest techniques of textile printings, ARTPILO offers collections of solar cushion covers, sleek designs and hyperrealism.

Each collection is signed by the artist. A signature that makes each model a new artistic proposal .... 

True encounter between the art world and the world of design, ARTPILO claims a hybrid nature, mid oeuvre art, mid decorative object, a sensitive and instinctive approach to interior design guided by a single goal: to return the art in our homes.

Eight collections have emerged so far. Leafing through this catalog you will discover the hyper realistic bestiaries’ portraits signed by the photographer Maxime Gautier, delve into the darkness the mind of the renown French painter Gérard Alary for an unnerving experience, be awake by the Specimen# collection signed by the renown French photographer Gérard Rancinan who lead to a deep reflexion on the vanity of man to change the world to fit his image.

Declined in three sizes and two type of high-end fabrics allowing indoor or outdoor uses, ARTPILO tells us stories and takes us on a journey. Inside or outside, ARTPILO adds an artsy touch into your living room, bedroom, garden, terrace and around your pool…

A wide range of options are offered to you with ARTPILO®, even some that you may not expected… in fact, thanks to its unique concept, your pillows can also be hung on the wall such as a frame…!

So now it’s your turn. Let your imagination run wild and tell your own story…


It seems nothing can stop Jean-Vincent Vallette and Maxime Gautier, neither jet lag, nor tiredness Just landed at Bangkok where they expose at YenakArt Villa until the 24th of January 2016, both partners tell us the ARTPILO’s story: the brand of the art photo cover of pillow made in France !

Jean-Vincent and Maxime are children of Bordeaux. They grow up as neighbors in a semi-attached house in Talence. They have known each other since they were born, as we can say...


Back to Bordeaux with a new project in head, Jean-Vincent and Maxime create childhood’s friend, a well found name under which they publish the brand ARTPILO in September 2015


What is the idea of Jean-Vincent and Maxime ? To make art come-at-able in everybody’s day, thanks to the shape and the price.

ARTPILO cries out loud a hybrid nature, half work of art, half object of decoration. 


Bedroom, living room, garden … Artpilo is everywhere and sometimes where you don't expect them. The artistic pillow cases, as a new artistic format led ARTPILO in Bangkok. Spotted by YenakArt Villa gallery, our two Frenchies exhibited from the 24th of January 2016, “Animal” and “Flowers” collections until the 15th of december. A major first in the world of art to exhibit pillows as you show painting ! Can you imagine beeing face to face with a wall installation longer than 7 meters and higher than 3 meters, under the kindly eye of Capuccino and his friends from all over the world !?


Big or small, you can find pillows in three different dimensions (40 X 40 cm, 60 X 60 cm and in XL dimension 100 X 140 cm) with two types of fabrics for either an indoor or outdoor use. Using a sophisticated printing technique, the pillows are designed and manufactured in France. The quality is here ! There is nothing surprising about that, because nothing is left to chance, until the creation of ARTPILO’s own color chart. The duo has more than one trick up its sleeve...

Since September 2015, eight collections have emerged. At ARTPILO, we do not feel serious however we work hard. Boys have spare energy and a lot of stories to tell. Almost as many stories as the number of pillows.

It all makes sense ! The pillows speak for themselves. They tell this special story, one story and cannot wait to tell others … Yours ?

Trusted daily friend, ARTPILO have that little something genuine and different. And because it is a meeting question between art and design, collections are elaborated in close cooperation with several artists as recently the French contemporary painter Gérard Alary who signs a painting collection “Circle I”, and a special series with a limited and numbered edition, based on the outsatnding visuals of the famous photographer, Gérard Rancinan for a collection named SPECIMENS#.